Department of Education

Science Laboratory

Completed 2023: Renovation and refurbishment of High School Science Laboratory – Gordonvale State High School, Gordonvale 4865.

Classroom Upgrades and Walkways

Completed 2023: Renovations to School Classrooms and Outdoor Walkways. Buried asbestos was found during the project and safely managed without affecting finishing results – Parramatta State School, Parramatta 4870.

B Block Classroom Upgrades

Completed 2023: Asbestos Removal and Relining of Classrooms – Gordonvale State High School, Gordonvale 4865.

Asbestos Removal and Remediation of Ceiling and Roof

Completed 2023: Replace Asbestos Ceiling and Roof Remediation Works – Gordonvale State School, Gordonvale 4865.

School Refresher Program

Completed 2023: Renovations to Flooring, Windows, External Wall Painting and Install of New Art Kiln – Gordonvale State High School, Gordonvale 4865.

Safe Schools Asbestos Removal

Completed 2022: Safe Removal of Asbestos from High School Awnings, Soffits, Classrooms, Bathrooms and Refit All Linings and Services – Cairns State High School, Cairns 4870.

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