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Frequently Asked Questions


We can assist you with the planning of your project and are able to carry out the many forms of renovations, extensions and new builds. Read on to find out more about how we operate and what you need to consider for your project.   


Frequently Asked Questions

What Location do you build In?

We are based in Cairns, Queensland and provide a local service to all suburbs in Cairns. We also offer an extended service area for qualifying clients around Innisfail, Port Douglas and the Atherton Tablelands.

How Do I Finance My Project?

As each project and client are completely different, how a project is financed can vary widely. If you are not planning on using cash savings, it is best to speak to your bank or a trusted financial advisor about the options available to you. Some options to consider for financing a building project are using the equity in your home, redrawing from your mortgage, refinancing your mortgage or taking out a construction/personal loan.

Should I do one renovation at a time or the whole house?

There are many benefits to doing a whole house renovation if you are already thinking it is something you would spread out over a couple of years. It will end up saving you money and potentially be less of a headache as your home won’t feel like a constant construction zone every few months. That said, it can be more financially achievable to break the projects down into smaller chunks, especially if you are using savings to finance the projects.

Can you just give me an estimate as I dont want to wait for the plans for you to quote on?

We don’t do general estimates for building projects. Ball park figures usually end up in disappointment as they are not specific and can either put a price in mind that is far too low once all the building factors have been allowed for, leaving a client feeling like they are being taken advantage of once the real costs are quoted on, or they are too high making the project seem unachievable for the clients.

Plans of the project make the quoting process a lot better and of course a lot more accurate so that we can avoid as many unforeseen costs as possible. Both planning and accurate quoting are a very time consuming process but cannot be overlooked. For smaller renovations or extensions that do not require complicated plans the general turnaround time to complete the planning and quoting stage is approximately two to four weeks. For large jobs or new builds the planning phase can take about six to twelve weeks depending on how busy each party is (designer, engineer and builder).

Do I need Plans before engaging a builder?

No you don’t. Depending on what type of project you are completing you may or may not need plans drawn up, so if you are not sure it is best to discuss this with us first so we can ensure you get the right advice. If you do have plans from a building designer or architect this will help to speed up the quoting process as it gives us something specific to quote on. If you do need to get plans drawn after speaking with us we can refer you to our preferred contract designers who have similar visions and values to us.

Do I need to have a budget for my project?

Yes. A budget is essential so that you can work with your builder and building designer to ensure your dreams can be worked into a reality. While we do not compromise on the quality or finishes of a project just to fit a budget, we do ensure that we provide accurate and value driven quotes to our clients in the planning stage and to avoid any cost blow outs or an unsatisfying cheap finish.

Is it better to Temporarily move out or live through a renovation?

It depends. For smaller renovations or extensions it is probably unnecessary to move out as long as the work zone is able to be sectioned off to minimise the general spread of noise, materials and dust. For larger renovations or where you are losing use of both a kitchen and bathroom for a few weeks, it may just save your sanity to have a temporary abode to call upon.

Once construction starts, how long until the project is completed?

Of course it will depend on the project size and how easy it is to source the required materials as well as ensuring the different trades are available at the appropriate times. For smaller renovations such as a bathroom an average of 15 working days are required (most clients are shocked to hear this as reality shows, such as House Rules, have created a lot of confusion about the real time required. Click HERE for a great run down of the time needed for a bathroom renovation by Interior Designer, Sarah Nolan). For a new simple, single-story home approximately 5 months. As part of our planning process, you will be provided with a schedule of works for your project so you can have a more accurate idea of what to expect and when.