Residential Projects

At Freedom Constructions, we’re committed to turning your house aspirations into reality. We value your vision and the significance of every detail. Craftsmanship is our pride, ensuring that your property authentically mirrors your ideas and future plans, be it a long term family home or an investment property. Moreover, we are dedicated to advancing standard building practices and lessening the environmental impact of construction. We achieve this by considering effective building design, enhancing energy efficiency, and incorporating sustainable materials whenever possible. Our goal is to create residential spaces that seamlessly blend comfort, style, and functionality while providing enduring investment value and longevity.

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We offer a comprehensive building service, taking care of all aspects of building and construction.


  • Building Extensions
  • Duplexes & Triplexes
  • Knockdown & Rebuild
  • New Custom Homes
  • Renovations & Remodelling
  • Unit Developments